Delivering the Financial Solutions
to support YOUR Lifestyle Plan

In creating your Wealth Management Plan with you and documenting the steps required to deliver it,
Greycoat as Independent Financial Advisors will provide and implement any other strategies we agree
that you may need. These could include the following:

Protecting your Family

To ensure that in the event of you or your partner’s death or the diagnosis of a critical illness, your family has enough money to provide for their on-going financial needs.

Protecting your Income

To ensure you have enough money to meet your monthly requirements should you be unable to work for a prolonged period due to an accident or illness and cover private medical needs.

Debt Management

To review and rationalise your borrowings, mortgages, loans etc.

Regular Savings

To ensure you have sufficient funds to provide for expected and unexpected future events.

Capital Investment

The opportunity to optimise the returns from your investments in the most tax efficient way, either for growth, income or a combination of the two.

Planning for Retirement

To ensure that you and your partner make the right choices enabling you to retire when you want and with sufficient income in retirement to afford the lifestyle you deserve.

Lifestyle in Retirement

To use the assets you've built in your working lives carefully to keep you comfortable, active and essentially carefree during a long and healthy retirement.

Long Term Care

To ensure you can afford the help you may need in old age, in either your own home or a suitable care home.

Estate Tax Planning

To plan how to reduce any liability to inheritance tax in order to maximise the value of your estate for the people who are important to you.

Tax Planning

To ensure that your money is invested in a tax efficient way.